Chill(y) Weekend

So. Saturday was my day of blogging. With no alarms to wake me, I snoozed. Hard. When I finally did wake up, I cooked a hearty breakfast of sausage, eggs, toast, and tomatoes. Perfect fuel for a day of writing. With no plans for the day, I set to typing. Lots had happened, as you’ve read, and I needed to catch up on documenting it all. I had Disney movies to keep me company, as I usually do, but this time they were in English. Sometimes one’s native tongue can be an unexpected comfort and I was not up for mentally translating each line of The Aristocats. So with the opening of “Which pet’s address is the finest in Paris?” I typed. And typed. A bit of formatting, insert a pic here, one there, and… voila: one blog post, polished and ready for publication. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Sunday was shaping up to be a similar enterprise. I lay in bed all morning watching a gay romance called Shelter. Run of the mill, but still good. And then Jonathon texted me to see what I was doing. He told me it was silly to waste the day and, being that I agreed, we arranged to meet in a few hours. Apparently, there is only one LGBT bookstore in London and this is where our compass was pointing. We set our course for Russell Square and we arrived just in time, as the shop had just opened. I forget that Sundays have late opening times.We perused the selection for a bit, Jonathon sipping on his cheap, burnt coffee. But there’s only so long LGBT books can hold one’s attention. Being the Time Out: London addict that he is, Jonathon had read there was an exhibition on the Titanic being held at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.  Ever the museum enthusiast, this sounded promising to me so, we took a moment to chart a new course. Several portions of the Tube were closed for the weekend due to maintenance and upgrades so it took a bit of rerouting to get where we intended to go.

After a few train changes, we arrived in Greenwich. The National Maritime Museum is housed within the campus of the University of Greenwich. The campus wasn’t quite up to the UNC standard of beauty, but then again, what is? All things considered, however, it was pretty nice: great architecture and wide, tree-lined streets. We wandered our way toward the museum and strolled through the exhibits. From a history of navigation to the East India Company, the museum was a wealth of maritime facts and figures. There was even a ship simulator that Jonathon was eager to try (he crashed the ferry into the Dover docks…). After strolling through what we thought was the entirety of the museum, we were on our way out, but we both still wanted to see the Titanic exhibit. After a certain point, I’m all for asking directions, so we turned around and asked the attendant. He pointed us in the direction of a small exhibit hall we had missed. The exhibit was a bit smaller than I had anticipated, given the centennial status of such a momentous tragedy, but it was still good to see.

By this time, Jonathon had mentioned being a bit peckish and I could go for a bite as well, so we left for Greenwich Market making a quick detour via the ATM. I have never carried cash before, but you can’t swipe a card at most markets. So cash it is. We settled on Thai food and were served by a lovely lady (boy) before making our way down the street to sit in the sun while we ate. The weather in the UK is growing cooler by the day, so sun is always welcome. Having finished, we sat and chatted for a bit, watching the families and their children pass by. And then the squirrel appeared. Jonathon tried coaxing the squirrel over with one of the tomatoes I didn’t eat (there was too much coconut milk in the curry sauce…). But the squirrel was having no more to do with the tomato than I did, crawling up the nearest tree. We ended the evening with a new episode of Downton Abbey. A lot of, “Oh, that bitch!” and “Would they do that? They would…” on my part.  Gotta love British drama. Sunday turned out to be much more entertaining than I had anticipated.