The End of an Era

All was well.

Much has happened in the interval since my last post.  The final Harry Potter installment was released and I was at the midnight premiere in Leicester Square.  The theatre there is where many of the London movie premieres are held and the stars of the films strut their stuff.  I wore a t-shirt with the “Undesirable No 1” poster printed on it and joined the massive amount of Harry Potter fans flocking toward the center of the city.  After almost three hours, the only thing I can say is wow. Absolutely incredible!  I want to see it again, but paying pounds to do so is a bit expensive.  I shall just have to wait until the fall when CUAB and I bring it to the Union (*wink wink* to anyone who is going to be near UNC in the fall).  As some of you may have seen, I also gave an interview for a CNN article about being a Harry Potter fan and my experience in London. I know: la-di-da. Anyways… I still had to go to class the next day.  So, I crashed when I got back to my flat, woke up, and put on a Hogwarts t-shirt to continue the Harry Potter celebration.  To round out the entire experience, I went to King’s Cross Station to take a photo of myself at Platform 9 ¾.  It was a bittersweet experience to recognize an end to something that had been such a massive part of my childhood.  From there, I headed just down the road to renew my British Library Reader’s Pass so I could do a bit of research while I’m here.  Have I yet to do so? Well… I’m sure you know the answer to that by now. Saturday arrived and it was quite a dreary day indeed.  The clouds were relentless as they scudded across the sky, growing ever darker.  I have by now come to accept this fact and pressed on with my plans for the day.  I grabbed my raincoat and let the wind take me where it would.  I went to Leadenhall Market first, which was the inspiration for Diagon Alley. Upon arrival, however, I realized that students don’t really venture to such a place as the shops were quite expensive and the restaurants filled with suits. Quite annoying, really. Undeterred, I wandered around East London, taking a rather indirect path toward the Tower Bridge. I reached the bridge at length, paid a reduced entrance fee thanks to my status as a poor student, and ascended to the top to drink in the incredible view of the Thames and the surrounding neighborhood.  The view was truly worth the fairly minimal fee, considering the exorbitant prices that many of the monuments charge.   I walked through the displays detailing the history and construction of the bridge, snapped my photos, avoided the tour groups, and went on my way.  I intended to walk back to the flat, but the ominous clouds, having grown increasingly menacing as the day progressed, finally released their burden in a fairly heavy manner.  So I took the Tube.  I chilled for the remainder of the day and, Sunday being rather dreary as well, I stayed in to do my homework, venturing forth only to secure provisions for the coming week, namely yogurt and tomatoes. More to come!


One thought on “The End of an Era

  1. Jesse, I have just loved reading about your adventures. You have your Grammars gene for trraveling and the theatre, How happy that makes me!!!! You are quite a guy and I think your writing is excellent, You paint a picture with it. What a gift God has given you. Thanks for the postcards. Enjoyed sharing them with my friends so much. Cant wait to see you again. Hope that is not too far away,. Love, Grammar

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