Leavin’ on a jet plane

So the time has come.  The moment I’ve been waiting for all summer.  I have packed and re-packed my bag; printed my various tickets, e-tickets, confirmations, and boarding passes; the only thing remaining is to pack my toothbrush and head out the door. It’s funny that something so small is the last thing to pack.  It seems like such an insignificant thing, but if I were to leave it behind it would be an inconvenience and a slight hassle to replace it.

I’ve researched all the places I would like to visit in Rome (including where to get the best pizza and gelato).  There’s a lot to do but if I break it down to visit sights in specific areas of the city, I think my four days will be plenty of time. My camera is empty and waiting for the first snapshot of the trip. Hopefully, I won’t take more than 2400 photos because that’s all that my camera will hold and I don’t think Rosita (my computer) could handle much more. Her hard drive is on its last legs these days.

There’s still a bit to do, so I will bid you adieu (for now).  I will leave you with a new Italian word. For those of you who have seen Eat, Pray, Love, you may already know that “attraversiamo” means “Let’s cross over.”



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