Sittin’, waitin’, wishin’

I am currently sittin’ in JFK airport.  My flight was originally scheduled to leave at 7:30 this evening, but it has been pushed to 7:55.  I have 3 hours and 42 minutes until departure. So now I’m waitin’. I have my Netflix instant watch and a Clif Bar to keep me company, so it shouldn’t be too terrible.  AND… There’s a Buffalo Wild Wings right around the corner from where I am currently sitting.  Dinner?  I think so.  As far as wishin’ is concerned, there’s not really much that I have to wish for.  I am perfectly content to be sitting and waiting in an airport.

My flight from Charlotte was fairly uneventful, if a bit turbulent.  I was afraid for a bit that I might be forced to strangle the woman sitting in front of me.  She was a ginger.  I have nothing against most gingers, but this one had to have the most annoying voice of anyone I have ever heard.  It was as though Sarah Palin had bred with your stereotypical Midwesterner and created a sound that should be recorded and used in warfare.  It would drive the enemy insane at the mere sound of the “Oh dear, where’s my cheese?”  Think New in Town, the RomCom with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr. and you might have an idea of how annoying this woman was.

It’s strange to think that this is literally the exact same seat in which I sat over a year ago as I waited to go to London for the first time.  My friend Emily joined me on that adventure and we had quite a memorable time catching each other up on our summer vacations up to that point. We then proceeded to carry on our conversation for the entire 7 and a half hour flight to London. Our co-passengers were not pleased, but we certainly had a good time.

Here’s to a new adventure!


One thought on “Sittin’, waitin’, wishin’

  1. Fly with a powerful wind my son! You are destined for great things, that I am sure of and excited to be witness to!

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