Having travelled to England last summer, one would think that the second time around would be marginally easier.  Unfortunately, such is not the case.  I find myself worrying about what to pack, how to minimise the weight of my bag (Ryan Air is a cheap airline in all senses of the term…) and whether it will make it across the pond with me.  Maybe I’m over-analysing the situation, but hopefully my cautiousness will pay out in the end.

Due to the weight restrictions Ryan Air has in place, my checked baggage can exceed no more than 15 kilos (33 pounds a.k.a. not a lot).  Let’s just say I’m being forced to be resourceful with my clothing choices and London has not been exactly warm these past few weeks.  A high of 65° does not equal my ideal summer weather. Last summer, south-east England experienced a “heat wave” with temperatures reaching 79°. Coming from the South, it was hilarious to hear the health warnings about heat and drinking lots of water. Well, it looks like jeans are a must and no shorts. Europeans don’t wear shorts anyway, so I guess I’ll blend in more if I wear trousers and jeans.

My mother is not exactly pleased that her youngest son is flying away for the rest of the summer – again.  She’s forcing me to provide an itinerary before she will drive me to the airport…  I understand that it is safer to have someone know where you will be, but I would have preferred not to be forced into providing such information. Mums will be mums, I guess.


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